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BASIC Throwing on the Potter's Wheel 1 Thursdays with Finley, 7/25 to 8/29, 6:30-9 pm (6 sessions)

BASIC Throwing on the Potter's Wheel 1 Thursdays with Finley, 7/25 to 8/29, 6:30-9 pm (6 sessions)

Join Finley at Baker Creek Ceramics for this exciting throwing experience! In Throwing 1, you will learn the basics! You will learn to wedge your clay, center your clay on the potter’s wheel and open it to form a bowl or cup. After your clay bowl has dried one week, you will learn how to turn it over and trim the bottom. In the last session, you will learn to glaze, adding fabulous color to your handmade bowls. We will fire your final art pieces in our gas kiln and you can pick them up about one week after your class ends. Class will meet Thursdays 6:30 to 9 pm for 6 sessions and 6:30 to 7 the following week to pick up your work. Clay is $30 per bag (25 pounds). You can purchase clay on-line or the first day of class. Bring your pottery tools, some plastic to cover your work in progress, a small hand towel, dress for mess and be ready for some fun! 

This is an introductory class, will learn all the basics, no previous experience required, ages 16 and up. Class minimum 4/maximum 10 students.

Week 1: demo wedging, centering, cylinders

Week 2: demo trimming, review centering and cylinders

Week 3: demo bowls, review trimming

Week 4: no demo, one-on-one assistance to finish up all wet work

Week 5: trim all work and get ready for bisque firing

Week 6: glaze

Week 7: Pick up work from 6:30 to 7 pm


Cancellation& Refund Policy

Withdrawals and refunds – If Baker Creek Ceramics cancels a class, students will receive a full refund. Students who withdraw two weeks or more prior to the first day of  class will receive a full refund less a $25.00 processing fee. Students who withdraw fewer than two weeks prior to a class will not receive a refund.

Missed Classes – There are no discounts, refunds or make up sessions for missed classes.

Class Cancellation – All classes not meeting the minimum enrollment of 4 students one week prior to the start date may be cancelled.  Baker Creek Ceramics will contact students in affected class and offer refunds or placement in an additional class.

Disruptive Behavior - Baker Creek has the right to remove a student from a class if the student's behavior is offensive or disruptive to the class. 

Enrolled Students Only - Class instruction is for students enrolled in the class ONLY, no guests. 

If you have questions about our class policies, please call us at 360-393-5458 or email us at prior to registering. 

Email #1: Welcome

Hello Clay Friends,


Thank you for choosing Baker Creek Ceramics to nurture your creativity. Your class begins Thursday, ___, at 6:30 pm. Attached is your class syllabus. Here's who we have in this class and confirmation of your clay and/or tool kit:


Ashley, clay and tools paid

Jan, clay and tools paid

Jesicca, clay and tools paid

Tilda, clay and tools paid


Remember to dress for mess and bring a small hand towel. You will also need some light weight plastic to cover your pots. White kitchen garbage bags or dry-cleaning bags are a good size and thickness.


If you haven't already paid for clay and/or don’t have some left from the last class, please remember to bring $30 to purchase your bag of clay. This amount pays for all your glazes, slips and two firings. We can only fire clay purchased at Baker Creek because it works with our glazes and kilns.


If you have questions, or need directions, don't hesitate to call!